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    Money changing hands – Illegally. Laundering and Financial Fraud in Uganda

    Reading Time: 1 minuteUganda runs an open economy. It comes with many challenges and has wide ranging political implications. Recently two reports deal with money laundering and illicit financial flows. They make for important reading below. The first is the National Risk Assessment ( of Money Laundering and Terrorist Risk Financing). The informati...
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    Kenya’s oil journey, a Ugandan reaction

    Reading Time: 6 minutesAs news that Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta had flagged off trucks ferrying “First Oil” from the Turkana – it resounded loudly within the East African online family as if it was Kenya’s sputnik moment. Despite discovering oil six years after Uganda (in 2012, Uganda announced its discovery in 2006), the Swahili nation had, ac...